Asalaam Alaikum. It was an absolute honour and privilege to be invited to the mosque today. Myself and my Community Liaison Officer Jon Warburton had been looking forward to today for some time!

The purpose of the visit? to be presented with a large number of tents, sleeping bags and clothing items for Sloughs homeless community.

Saving lives involves more than just life support and hospitals. It requires proactive initiatives to support vulnerable people so that we avoid the life support and hospital bit! Things have gone too far when we get to that stage!

It’s far too easy when your sat in the warm, with three square meals cooked and presented before you everyday to simply forget that there are people struggling to survive out there.

To eat, to keep warm. To stay mentally well. To kick addictions and to just try to make the best out of a terrible situation. No one is protected from becoming homeless. It can and does happen to anyone.

Our teams see it on a daily basis. PC Medical Support Services provides thousands of pounds of complimentary medical cover to the homeless communities of East Berkshire. Yes you heard right, it’s completely free.

By teaming up with the Brothers from the Stoke Poges Lane Mosque we can make an even greater difference. At 3pm today the Secretary of the Mosque handed sleeping bags and tents to us. It’s now 18.45 and my teams are out there on the frontline distributing these items to those that are in desperate need. That is what we mean by rapid response!

I am honoured that the mosque chose us to donate these items to. Rest assured many people will benefit from these kind donations. We are hoping to do a great deal of work with the mosque in future.

I would like to thank Mr Latif Khan ( Secretary) Mr Mohammad Ikram ( Trustee) Mr Mohammad Ayub ( Trustee) Mr Umar Ansari ( Community outreach team) and everyone at the masjid for making this happen.

I would appreciate it if all that read this post to tap the link below and like our page. It will give us more reach in our community inshallah.

Jazak Allah kair and thank you for reading.

Warm Regards
Zack Barakat Ali
Chief Executive Officer
PC Medical Support Services Ltd


In the summer of 1982, a Welsh Congregational Church was purchased and converted into a Mosque. This, however, was quickly outgrown and as a consequence of that, the old building was pulled down to make way for a new and improved version - the Mosque you see today. Construction began in 1999 and during this period, the Navel Club behind the site was purchased and used as a temporary building for daily prayers with Jummah (Friday congregation) being held in a hired hall. The completed Mosque was named the 'Jamia Masjid & Islamic Centre' (JMIC) and although it had been in use from the year 2000, the official opening was on the 18th of May 2001 by His Excellency, Abdullah Sultan Al-Dhahiri - Director General of "The Zayed Bin Sultan Al-Nahayan Charitable and Humanitarian Foundation".

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