Quotes from pupils who visited the Masjid

“Dear Stoke Poges Mosque,

I really appreciate and thank you very much for letting us come to visit. Me and year 5 dearly enjoyed all of the activities.

My favourite activity was doing Wudu because I have done it before but not in a real Mosque and it was fascinating. The feedback I will give is that the staff were completely generous and we had a good time.

I outstandingly loved it”


“I appreciate the time you spend showing year 5 around your beloved Mosque instead of being with your family. Thank you for giving us a tour even though you don’t get paid. Being at the Mosque was an amazing experience, the activities were incredible.

I got to try on new clothes, learn about the 5 pillars and what you do there, I got to learn facts also to see my name in Arabic. I hope other children get to experience exactly what I did. Thank you again for all your time.


“Thank you for a lovely Wednesday, I really enjoyed myself. My favourite part was when we went in the washroom and learnt how to wash before going to pray.”


“Thank you for a lovely time on Wednesday. I really enjoyed our visit. I really liked it when we dressed up and looked in the holy Quran. I liked it when we learnt about the 5 pillars. I liked it when we coloured the prayer mat.”


“I am writing to you to thank you for the time you spent organising the trip for our year group. I have learnt a lot and I am eager to learn more about Islam. It was exciting doing Wudhu and the catering was amazing.”


“I really appreciate the time you spent showing us around the Mosque! It was incredibly kind as you probably took time off work. I especially loved the tour of the Mosque because it was really fun.

I loved the part where we got to dress up and when we got to have juice and fruit as I was very thirsty. The presentation taught us a lot about Muslims and Islam. I really think you helped us understand from a different perspective.

Thank you again for your time”


In the summer of 1982, a Welsh Congregational Church was purchased and converted into a Mosque. This, however, was quickly outgrown and as a consequence of that, the old building was pulled down to make way for a new and improved version - the Mosque you see today. Construction began in 1999 and during this period, the Navel Club behind the site was purchased and used as a temporary building for daily prayers with Jummah (Friday congregation) being held in a hired hall. The completed Mosque was named the 'Jamia Masjid & Islamic Centre' (JMIC) and although it had been in use from the year 2000, the official opening was on the 18th of May 2001 by His Excellency, Abdullah Sultan Al-Dhahiri - Director General of "The Zayed Bin Sultan Al-Nahayan Charitable and Humanitarian Foundation".

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